The Enter Wages page in NextGen has had a face-lift and provides users with an improved experience for navigating and customization. Read along for information on the four exciting new features and changes.

In previous versions of NextGen, searching for a specific employee was quite cumbersome. With the new update, users can quickly and easily search for an employee in the new search bar by simply typing in part of a name, the employee’s ID#, or the last 4 numbers of a social security number.


With the 1.9 NextGen update, moving and sorting columns to your liking is now as simple as a drag and drop. Previously, users were required to use the settings function to rank columns by number. This new feature saves the user significant time.
By using the new Enter Wages page, once a user changes their preferences (ex. wants to see 40 employees rather than 10), that preference will be retained for their upcoming visits – eliminating the need to repeat the process each time they come to the page.
Our software designers have updated the new Enter Wages page to display more compactly. This improved use of screen space allows users to see more information without scrolling.


In the upcoming release, click this link to access the new enter wages page.

In the following release (1.10), the old page will be retired.