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2023 Product Enhancements

Payentry NextGen

Version 1.32 – 10/12/2023

  • Online tax form release process updated to support W-2 C forms
  • New E-Verify field added to employee profile
  • New Indiana withholding fields added

Time Management

Version 1.56 – 7/27/2023

  • Updated timecard privileges
  • Automated closing of timecards
  • Additional enhancements

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Payentry Mobile App

Version 2.5 – 9/29/2023

  • Manage online tax form enrollment status
  • Display fringe benefit information
  • View company details and employee directory
  • Two factor verification required when modifying direct deposit or deduction records
  • Additional bug fixes

My Payentry

Version 1.27 – 8/9/2023

  • Employee check stub generation updated to include Total Worked Hours

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