Welcome Back

The holidays have arrived, and you’re in a festive mood! Finally, you get to unwind and spend some quality time with family and friends. But, too often it seems the holidays end abruptly, almost as soon as they began. When it’s time to return to work, you can’t help but feel reluctant. Fortunately, there are ways to regain your enthusiasm. Below are five suggestions.


  1. New Year, New Wardrobe

It might sound silly, but putting on some new clothes can revitalize your entire outlook as you enter a new year of work. Recall that new pair of pants or snazzy t-shirt you wore on your first day back to school. It gave you a boost of confidence, didn’t it? Of course, the workplace isn’t exactly the same as the schoolyard. Still, the same principle applies. Invest in some new work clothes over the holidays (maybe you even received some as a gift!) and lay everything out the night before so you can dress yourself quickly and confidently on your first day back.


  1. Re-establish Connections with Clients and Colleagues

The holidays are all about reconnecting with loved ones, while giving you some respite from your peers at work. Although it’s healthy to get away from clients and colleagues every so often, even a short break can throw things into question. Do your clients and colleagues remember where you left off before the break? Do you? Maybe you could all use a refresher?


If so, set up some quick chats with the relevant people. Breaking the ice should be easy, too, considering the holidays mean something to everyone, and everyone will have a story.


  1. Perfect Time to Prioritize

For many workplaces, the year ends in a frenzy. Projects get expedited, payments and bonuses must be sent on time, and every staff member must receive a review. As it comes down to the wire, you’re hyper-focused on getting everything done before the break.


Returning after the holidays, then, usually means picking up the pieces. The new year is the perfect time to hit the reset button and prioritize your day-to-day activities. Maybe you need to catch up on emails and clear your inbox. Or, it could be time to simply clean your desk and get organized. Are there loose that need tying up right away, and are there some that can wait?


  1. Take Time to Transition

The first law of physics tells us that bodies in motion tend to stay in motion and that bodies in rest tend to stay at rest. This law of momentum applies to us all, especially as it relates to rest to motion.


Even if we’re just relaxing for a week, abruptly returning to an active state can cause immense stress. We need a transitory period to soften the blow. So, use the last day of the holiday period (or at least part of it) to gradually transition yourself back into a work-oriented mindset. Check your emails, go to bed at a reasonable time, pack a lunch, and do some mental preparation. Of course, don’t psych yourself into an anxious state.


  1. Pay Attention to Your Physical Health

Our body is the vehicle that enables us to get the job done. However, many of us spend the holidays consuming a lot of carbs, sugar, and alcohol—all of which can be detrimental to our health. So, be sure to get your body right by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy foods, and engaging in an exercise routine when possible. Yes, the gym might be filled with resolution bandwagoners, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for a good workout. With a sound body and mind, you’ll be able to tackle your work with increased vigor.