Employees Working

::Productivity Redefined::

In general, most of us want to feel that we are making a contribution at work.  Spending eight plus hours a day away from home without experiencing any sense of accomplishment is not how most people want to live.  So, if this is the case, why is productivity an issue?

What is employee productivity?

Employee productivity is an assessment of the efficiency of a worker or group of workers.  To understand productivity within your organization, you must first be aware of what work drives value at your company.  After that, all your focus and energy must have a goal of directing employees towards those objectives.  Building a company where all employees understand and support your mission and goals is the first step.  Providing the tools and support they need without being bogged down by internal bureaucracy is crucial to success for all. 

In today’s environment, we often refer to this high-performing workplace phenomena as “employee engagement.”  Engaged employees are more productive.  People come to work happily (even on Mondays).  They walk in the door enthusiastic about their work and ready to solve the problems of the day.  They are positive and upbeat.  Sounds like a workplace from another world?  It doesn’t have to be.

How is it all this possible?

  1. First, hire the right people and place them in the right job.
  2. Provide the training they need for their current job and their next assignment.
  3. Show them how their role helps you to reach your goals, so they sense that their work has meaning.
  4. Create and support an environment of open, honest and direct communication to foster trust.
  5. Make sure they have all the tools they need to do their job.
  6. Give them the authority to make decisions.
  7. Then, celebrate their accomplishments!

So, if the key to productivity is engaged employees, you need to keep them in that state.  Engaged employees, however, can be impacted by matters outside your control which distract from their jobs.  Things like employee or family health issues, financial stress and problems at home can sidetrack even your best people.  To keep your team focused, it’s important to provide them with tools and resources for coping with these life issues.  A well-rounded employee assistance program can be very helpful.  Financial wellness programs have also been very successful in the workplace for those dealing with the stress of money issues.  Introducing and supporting the use of these benefits will be viewed by your employees as company efforts to support them.

Productivity is realized by companies in a variety of ways.  Starting off with engaged employees gives any organization a definite jump on the competition!