So your company is on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn and would like employees to take part in their social media efforts. But where should they start? How would they contribute? Will their “like” even make an impact?

From an employees’ point of view, they may wonder what benefit comes from their contribution to the company’s social media presence? This is a common and valid question. But consider this, most employees already have their position and company tied to their LinkedIn (and maybe even Facebook) profiles. By establishing this connection on social media, they are associating their self as an advocate for the company. Not to mention, they bring a network of additional contacts to the mix. They should take this as an opportunity to showcase a great accomplishment of the company, a corporate charity everyone is supporting, or even an interesting blog the company published. No matter what department they’re in- provide them with opportunities to show their network that the company they dedicate their time and energy to, is a brand worth mentioning.

Most employees are willing to help but just don’t know how. Check out the SlideShare below for a few ways your employees can contribute to your corporate social media presence. Following the presentation are a few additional pointers to help them throughout the process. Some ways may be more involved than others. But nonetheless, your employees should be able to do the minimum of supporting the company’s brand.

Key takeaways and additional tips for employee contribution:

Step 1: Like or Follow each relevant channel.

  • The first step in supporting a company is to do the basics for each social media channel.
  • Support each channel that a company uses. This is beneficial because many companies provide different information for each channel. (i.e. If you only like them on Facebook you may miss out on quality discussions on LinkedIn or Twitter and vice versa).
    • Note on Facebook and LinkedIn – If your company has product pages on Facebook or a showcase page on LinkedIn you can also “Like/Follow” these too.

Step 2: Like, Share, or Retweet content.

  • Once you have completed Step 1, you will see updates and posts appear on your home page or news feeds.
  • These options offer some of the easiest ways to show your support without having to create your own content.
    • Note on Twitter Retweets – you can also copy the tweeted content and put “RT @TwitterName” before the information. This works the same as a Retweet but instead of showing the company’s image, it will now show yours.

Step 3: Tag your company.

  • Whether you’re in a group activity or referring to content presented at a conference, be sure to tag the company to attribute credit.

Step 4: Contribute to Groups.

  • One of the best ways to support your company or brand is to contribute relevant content within groups.
    • Note – If you ever question whether something you want to post will follow the company’s brand or corporate standards, check with the Marketing or Public Relations team beforehand. They can help guide you to appropriate responses.

Additional Tips:

  • Other ways to contribute via Facebook and LinkedIn include the “Comment” section of a post. Feel free to add a comment if the content was interesting or helpful.
  • Similar to the comment section, on Twitter you can “Reply” to a tweet and this will start a Twitter conversation. This is good if you have follow-up questions or comments regarding the content.
  • Along the same lines of a “Like” on Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter gives you an option to “Favorite” a tweet.

These simple steps can be implemented immediately and will show a dramatic increase in the reach of your social media marketing efforts. Members of the MPAY Network can receive more information on this topic by emailing

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie obtained her IMBA in 2012 and started her career at MPAY shortly after. After a year in customer service, she transferred to MPAY’s marketing team, bringing her knowledge of the industry, excitement, and love for marketing.