Have you ever considered whether an employee seems too good to be true? Over half of all job applications contain false information. How is an employer supposed to know about these discrepancies when they have what they think is a great match for the position and their company?

Take this scenario for example:

You’re a small retail business looking to hire a cashier. You have a handful of prospects that apply, and you narrow it down to the one that seems most qualified. During the interview, the applicant appears to be clean-cut and friendly. Their previous work experience matches up with the required qualifications. You think you’ve found the perfect addition to your business. You are in immediate need to fill the position, so you offer the job and it’s accepted. A few months later, you find yourself without a cashier and missing quite a bit of your store’s money. An inexpensive background check during the interview process could have revealed your prized cashier had a criminal background…and unfortunately for theft. This one additional step of precaution that could’ve saved time, headaches, and hard-earned dollars.

Below is an infographic that highlights key statistics and ways to avoid hiring bad employees. Check out our recent blog post for more information on the importance of pre-employment screening.

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