Whether you are looking for fresh ideas or in need of a new source of networking, members of your organization should consider joining an industry association.

Most of us can hardly find enough time in the day to complete the things that we currently have on our “to-do” lists, but consider how a few hours each month could help your business. For those who can only fit in a few minutes here and there, good news- not all associations require you to physically be there. Take for example LinkedIn Groups. With close to 2 million groups available, there are opportunities for almost every niche of the market where you can monitor and partake in discussions without ever leaving your desk chair. Below are a few of the perks for joining industry associations:

Industry Updates

In today’s society, it’s important to make sure you are staying up to date with changes within your industry. By getting involved in an association related to your business means committing to advancing your company’s knowledge. In turn, you can use the information you gain by sharing updates, publishing blogs, etc. Those inside and outside your organization will perceive your company as being “in the know” and will ultimately help to give you credibility to define your company as an industry leader.

Continuing Education

Certain industries and positions require a defined amount of continuing education courses to be fulfilled throughout each year. Many organizations offer local and virtual opportunities to partake in continuing education courses. These groups ease the process for you by organizing the classes, sometimes at no additional fee. Continual education will keep you and your organization ahead of the competition.

Networking and Advertising

We have discussed how participating in monthly meetings or online associations will benefit your company in a few ways, but have yet to mention the opportunity for free networking and advertising. Take for example, an online discussion on routine business practices within the payroll industry. This presents an opportunity for you to give feedback and support to another member within a group of thousands of other employers. It will showcase your company as a thought leader and offer the chance for others to reach out and connect, that may not have had any reason to do so prior. Needless to say, even a simple one-on-one conversation at a monthly meeting about new trends or regulations could open the same doors. So why not take this as a free way to get your company’s name out there and receive the recognition that you deserve?

At MPAY, we participate in many associations ranging from our local Chamber of Commerce groups to the American Payroll Association. Our Network members are also active in various groups as well. For more information on how to improve your business or how to become an industry leader, subscribe to our blog.

Photo Credit: Cydcor Offices

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie obtained her IMBA in 2012 and started her career at MPAY shortly after. After a year in customer service, she transferred to MPAY’s marketing team, bringing her knowledge of the industry, excitement, and love for marketing.