MPAY, Inc., a leading payroll software and services provider, and Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC, a New Hampshire based payroll service company, announced today that MPAY has acquired Access Payroll Services, as a part of MPAY’s Payentry brand expansion strategy.

“We have enjoyed working with Del Aube and his team at Access Payroll Services.  We are excited to welcome them to MPAY and look forward to providing our new clients a great client experience in the New Hampshire region,” said MPAY President, Robbie Willard.

President and Owner of Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC, Del Aube will be joining MPAY as the Vice President of Corporate Development. “My team remains committed to providing our clients with the best customer service experience. We have worked with MPAY and the Payentry software for many years. We are thrilled to be joining the MPAY team while continuing to provide the superior service our clients expect,” said Del Aube.

Through this acquisition, Access Payroll Service’s clients can expect to gain access to more technology, industry experts and enterprise level support, while maintaining the same personal service from New Hampshire team members.

“MPAY puts the client at the center of everything we do. We seek to improve the quality of life for our clients, employees and all stakeholders. The Access Payroll business model of providing personalized service from industry professionals incorporates into our culture easily. We are happy to welcome our new team members and clients to Payentry,” said Geoffrey Duke, CEO of MPAY.

MPAY, Inc. is a payroll software and services company that provides employers solutions to increase cash flow and efficiency, reduce risk, and give a competitive edge in managing and retaining high-quality employees.

Access Payroll Services of N.E. LLC has a mission of delivering the best value for comprehensive and personalized payroll services. Providing clients unique access to experienced industry professionals and state of the art technology set the company apart from the competition.



Contact Information:

Heather Duke, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer