Configuring Two-Factor Authentication

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After completing the setup of your my payentry account, follow the below instructions to setup your two-factor authentication method.

Login to My Payentry with your newly created Username and Password

A window appears prompting you to configure two-factor authentication

Select questions from the drop-down lists and input answers. These questions are used to recover forgotten passwords. When you are satisfied with your answers, click Save and Continue

*please note: answers to each question will need to be at least 5 characters long

The next screen displayed determines the method in which you are authenticated in the system. You can choose one of three primary methods:

  1. Smartphone Application – this method uses an external authentication application that you can download onto your smart device. You can use a program such as Google Authenticator or Toopher. These applications display a temporary code that you then enter into Payentry. To activate this method:
    1. Download the application to your phone
    2. Scan the displayed QR code
    3. Enter the code displayed on your phone into the box
    4. Click Validate Code
  1. SMS/Text Message – this method sends a text message with your authentication code to your phone at the number you specify. To activate this method:
    1. Select SMS/Text Message
    2. Enter the phone number you want the text message sent to into the upper box
    3. Click Send Code
    4. Enter the code you received into the second box. Please note – you will need to enter the 6 digit code in the body of the text message, not the 5 digit number it was sent from
    5. Click Validate Code
  1. Voice Call – this method calls a phone number you specify with an automated message that reads your authentication code. To activate this method:
    1. Select Voice call
    2. Enter your phone number into the upper box
    3. Click Send Code
    4. Enter the code you received into the second box
    5. Click Validate Code

Optional – Enter backup phone numbers Payentry can use in the event that your primary number is unavailable

  1. In the Secondary Method box, choose either SMS/Text Message or Voice Call
  2. Enter the backup phone number to be used
  3. Click Send Code
  4. Enter the code you receive
  5. Click Validate Code

Click Next to complete setup