Online Tax Form Announcement

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Announce online tax form service is available or that forms have been released:

From the home page of Payentry, click on Additional Options

From the company options, click on Tax Forms Section

Click on the link for Online Tax Form Announcement

Use the Send To drop down list to select the group you wish to send the announcement to. Options are:

    • AllESSEmployees – All employees listed in ESS.
    • ESSEmployeesNotYetEnrolled – Only those employees in ESS who have not enrolled in the online tax service.
    • ESSEmployeesHiredAfterDate – Only those employees who were hired after a specified date.
    • EmailAddress – Only one particular person. When you select this option, the page displays an Email field in which you entry the person’s email address.

In the Introduction field, enter the text you want at the beginning of the announcement.

Text in the Main Body section cannot be edited. This text includes steps on how to enroll in online tax forms.

The text in the Contact Info box cannot be edited. To update the contact information that is displayed in this section, go to the Tax Form Setup section and edit under the Tax Form Administrator section.

Enter the text you want at the end of the announcement in the Closing text box.

When you are ready to send out the announcement, click Send Announcement.