Online Tax Form Announcement

blue line separating title and "Human Resources from Hiring to Retiring"

Announce online tax form service is available or that forms have been released:

From your Payentry dashboard, hover over “Company Setup” and select “Online Tax Forms Announcement”

Insert additional text to be included in email announcement in Introduction and Closing sections.

Review contact information for accuracy. If contact information needs to be updated, go the “Online Tax Form Setup” to make changes.

When ready, click on “Send Announcement.”

Next, choose who you would like to send this announcement to.

Click on “Send” to finish sending the communication.

    • All ESS Employees – All individuals with My Payentry Employee Self Service
    • ESS Employees Not Yet Enrolled for ANY Online Forms – Only those individuals in My Payentry who have not enrolled in the online tax service
    • ESS Employees Hired After Date – Only those individuals who were hired after a specified date
    • Email Address – Only one particular person. When you select this option, input the specific email address in the field to the right


    • All Statuses – All employment statuses, including individuals with Active, Terminated, Leave of Absence statuses
    • Active/Leave of Absence – Only include individuals who have Active or Leave of Absence statuses
    • Terminated – Only include individuals who have Terminated statuses