Advanced Time & Attendance Software for Small and Large Businesses

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Seamless Time Management

For companies in need of streamlined scheduling, Payentry’s time & attendance software is the answer.

From our Timekeeping Portal you can manage timecard approvals, time entries, assigned schedules, and even view detailed reports with real-time attendance data. Plus, with our integrated time-off features, there’s no more trying to reconcile time-off requests with scheduling. With a few clicks you can approve requests for time-off, track different categories of time-off, see historical data for an employee, and more.

Whether you need time and attendance software designed for a small business or are looking for a solution tailored to larger companies, Payentry has you covered.


  Integrated with payroll, eliminates need for duplicate entry
  Dashboard with up to the minute information for managers
  View employee information and time entries in one place
  Easily track and manage time-off: vacation time, sick time, and PTO
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See how Time & Attendance management fits seamlessly into the Payentry suite of tools with our Guide to Payentry

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See how Time & Labor management fits seamlessly into the Payentry suite of tools with our Guide to Payentry

Time & Attendance Software to Aid with Compliance & Reporting

With Payentry’s in-depth time & attendance software, your Human Resources department is always in the loop.

When it comes to scheduling, data is everything; Payentry ensures that all your relevant employee data regarding scheduling, recorded hours, and previous time-off requests are all just a few clicks away.


  Audit trail that makes reviewing historical information a breeze

  Real-time, up to the minute time punch information for managers

  Approaching overtime reports that help employers plan for scheduling during the week

  Configurable rules and policies for overtime, meals, and punch rounding

  Easy to monitor and track attendance infractions

“I really like the approaching overtime report because it helps me decide if I need to modify the schedule for the rest of the week.”

Employee Time Tracking with Payentry’s Time & Attendance Software 

Within Payentry’s system, employees are able to view and update their information online at any time. This flexibility allows employees to record their time using multiple methods, resulting in increased productivity and reduced expenses.


 You have the flexibility of having employees punch using My Payentry, a mobile app, a time clock, or kiosk clock

  You don’t need an internet connection to punch on our mobile app

  Employees can see timecards and schedules

  Submitting time off requests for approval is easy for both employees and employers

  Estimating future leave balances helps employees and managers to better plan time off

  Managers can view the GPS location of mobile app punches by employees

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“I spend a lot less time helping employees with clocking in and out because they have access to it all online.”