Empower your employees with My Payentry.

My Payentry lets employees quickly access paystubs, add and edit direct deposit information, log time punches, and more; right from their mobile device or desktop. 


My Payentry features are a service to both your HR Team and your employees. Our self-service software allows employees to access what they need when they need it, and cuts down on frustration and time spent on paperwork and duplicate requests.

Quit getting bogged down by employee requests, My Payentry makes HR easier for everyone!


  • View and print pay history, deductions, and tax forms
  • Manage direct deposit information, time cards, and time off requests
  • Monitor vacation, personal, and FMLA leave balances


My Payentry is easily accessible on employee mobile devices. With both Android and Apple options, employees are able to access their pay data quickly and on-the-go. 


  • View pay history and paystub details
  • Clock in and out of departments and/or jobs
  • Download annual individual tax forms such as W-2, 1099-M, 1095-C


Payentry’s kiosk clock is the superior solution for employee time keeping. At your location, individuals can clock in and out easily using as little as their Clock ID. 


  • Punch in and out on kiosk clock
  • Transfer departments or jobs if needed
  • Option to send note to manager
  • Facial recognition for accurate time punches