The Mobile App: A Touchless Employee Experience

The Payentry team is making access to pay information, W-2s and other tax documents easier for employees – just in time for tax season!

Employers can also send notifications to their employees when their paystubs are available to access, making pay day stress free for everyone! Details here.

New and updated features

  1. Pay History: The pay history section contains the employee’s pay history and personal earnings statements.
  2. Tax Documents: The new documents section contains employee’s tax forms (ex. W-2, 1095C), for viewing.
  3. Employee: The employee section contains information about employees: contact info, status/position, accrual, direct deposit, and deductions.
  4. Employee Punch: This is where an hourly employee can clock-in and out of their time card when their employer elects this functionality.
  5. Settings: The settings section is where the user can review the privacy notice, give feedback, rate the app, and log out of the app.