Notify Employees When Paystub is Available on My Payentry®

Available July 2020

Employers will be able to notify employees when their paychecks are available online through our upcoming Paycheck Notification functionality.

As a Payentry client, you are able to decide which employees receive paycheck notifications by both the batch type and check type. On My Payentry, employees can access their pay history, W-2s, modify their direct deposits and some deductions. Notifying employees when their paystub is available is a valuable communication tool for employers to keep individuals informed about their pay information.

The functionality is enabled and disabled easily by an employer. You can do this through batches and check types. Batches are how you organize groups of employees you wish to pay. These can be setup by the pay frequency, department or employee type. Check types indicate the type of check the employee will be receiving. Most employers have regular, bonus and commission check types, to name a few.


    If you are submitting your standard bi-weekly payroll, you may wish to always enable the Paycheck Notification.
    If you have a regular pay check type that includes standard pay information for employees, you may want to enable the Paycheck Notification to employees.


    If you have a special bonus payroll for a particular set of employees and plan to pay out bonuses in person on Friday in the office, you may wish to disable this functionality for the bonus payroll batch or bonus check type.

Employers can control when employees receive these notifications during the setup of their account and as needed. Most employers make paystubs available on for employees on the check date. The options include notifying employees as soon as the payroll completes processing, five days before the check date and up to 30 days after the check date.

Employees will receive the notification at the email address they used to setup their account.

Talk to your dedicated Client Advocate to turn on this feature or reach out to our team at, (888) 632-2940.