Payentry NextGen Edit Check Details

Payentry NextGen is a payroll software that was built with our customers, for our customers and was launched in early 2018. The Payentry software has capabilities that help business owners, recruiting, payroll, HR and accounting professionals get the most out of their work day by creating efficiencies through workflows and automation. Highlights of the product include:

  • Automated hiring and onboarding that manages critical paperwork online while making work opportunity tax credit screening and e-verification effortless to complete
  • Interactive employee self-service portal called My Payentry that allows employees to make updates to their information
  • A time and attendance platform that is uncomplicated and is integrated with payroll processing – saving time and reducing keying errors
  • Benefits administration tools that make managing employee benefits easy and paperless
  • Intuitive payroll entry screens that make processing complex payrolls simple
  • A robust reporting engine that provides up to the minute time punch information and detailed payroll and tax reports for analysis
  • Compliance posters and HR tool kits to keep businesses in compliance with the ever-changing rules and regulations

Say goodbye to old, clunky systems, and hello to the next generation of payroll processing! Businesses will see an immediate benefit to implementing a clean and crisp new software that simplifies the complex, while keeping the data you need to make decisions at your fingertips.

This quick demonstration shows users how to edit an employee’s paycheck in our Payentry NextGen product.