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Low Cost Retirement Plans for Employers of Any Size

Payentry Financial Services offers a unique selection of retirement solutions with plan options that enable businesses of any size to reduce costs. Through leveraging our relationships, Payentry Financial Services is able to offer plan options that are attractive to any employer.

  Zero setup fees
  Below industry pricing
  Flat fee services
  Institutional fund lineup
  Competitive expense ratios
  ERISA fiduciary services
  Option for zero employer fees

401K Multiple Employer Plan

Our 401K plan is sponsored by Payentry Financial and combines unaffiliated employers into one retirement plan. Payentry Financial bears the responsibility for administering the plan and assumes the fiduciary responsibility as the plan sponsor.

This is the best option for companies that do not want to pay any administrative costs associated with sponsoring a 401K plan and do not want to take on the fiduciary liability. This offering is attractive to small businesses that want to offer a retirement plan option to their employees but cannot afford to pay for the usual employer costs.

  No cost to Employer for establishing the plan

  No annual administrative fees to the employer

  Extensive fund lineup

  No employer match requirements

Some employees set it and forget it, some want to change their retirement deduction every quarter. This lets everyone update it and make sure it’s exactly what they want.”

Traditional 401K Plan

Typical 401K plans charge fees across several layers of providers including: payment to the third party administrators, retail investments, and brokers. Our Payentry 401K plan has created relationships across the investment landscape and worked to lower these fees for employers and employees by creating a plan that charges low flat fee pricing and no commissions.

This offering is unmatched in the marketplace and can save you and your employees thousands of dollars.

  Flat fee pricing for administration

  Flat fee pricing for advisory services

  Complete institutional fund lineup (No Commissions)
featuring Vanguard, American Funds, and others

  ERISA (3)21 or (3)38 fiduciary services

  Competitive with any other 401k offering in the market place

I don’t have to worry about calculating my matching deductions, it’s just automatically right.”

Payentry IRA Plan

Our Individual Retirement Account (IRA) option is simple to set up and operate for any size employer for a small annual fee. There are no filing requirements or employer contributions required in this plan. Employees can choose to contribute to this plan along with other retirement savings contributions.

The ease of setting up a recurring payroll deduction makes participating easy for employees.

  No per-head record keeping or advisory costs

  No fiduciary liability for the employer

  Little time requirement required by employees

  Employer matching is not required

I never have to sync our payroll data with our TPA, Payentry just automatically handles that.”

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