Voluntary Benefits Membership Program

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Offering a voluntary benefits package to employees of your small business is integral to retaining your key employees and giving them access to supplemental benefits that will improve their quality of life.

Excellent Benefit Programs for Your Employees

Payentry, in partnership with the Association for Entrepreneurship USA, delivers membership plans that give employees access to nationally recognized, guaranteed issue supplemental insurance benefits. When your employees are your greatest asset, providing access to supplemental benefits, without health underwriting or minimum participation requirements, sets you apart as an employer.

Membership in the Association for Entrepreneurship USA program also gives employers and employees access to educational resources, newsletters, podcasts and conference invitations.

Supplemental Benefits Include:

  Dental Insurance
  Accident & Sickness Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  Critical Illness Insurance
  Life Insurance

Discount Programs Include:

  Health and Wellbeing
  Education and Business Coaching
  Business and Office


Several of my team members enrolled in dental and vision benefits, and it was very easy!”