The Payentry Mobile App in 2022

Our mobile app serves both individual employees and can be used as a Kiosk Time Clock at your business site. The new mobile app has been designed to be more user friendly for both individual and kiosk users. 

Employee App Features

  1. Pay History – view pay history and personal earnings statements. 
  2. Time Management – punch in and out, switch department location and/or job, with an optional comment section. 
  3. Employee – view employee contact information, status/position, accruals, direct deposits, and deductions.
  4. Documents – view and download tax forms (W-2s and 1095C). 
  5. Settings – switch companies (for multi-company users only), privacy notice, feedback, rate the app, and log out of the app.

Clocking In and Out on the Mobile App

Recording your time is simple using Payentry’s new mobile app. If your employer has enabled this functionality, you can easily clock in and out. 

  • Once logged in, click on “Time Management”
  • Input a comment if you would like your manager to view a note prior to approving your timecard
  • Select correct Department and/or Job if applicable
  • Select “Submit Punch” 
  • When you’re ready to clock out, select “Submit Punch”

Access printable instructions, Mobile App Punch In and Out

Kiosk Clock

Using the Payentry® app as a time clock:

  • Employees can submit punches by entering their clock ID. See how to: Punch In and Out with the Mobile App.
  • Employees can change department/job before submitting punches. 
Find printable instructions, here, Using Kiosk Clock.

Visit Payentry’s WebHelp for more information on employee access, setting up the kiosk clock, transferring departments and jobs, and more. 

Go to the Google play store for the most recent mobile app version.
View the most recent IOS Payentry app.