Last Updated August 25, 2017

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Agency Information

No Withholding Tax
Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation – Unemployment tax


Nevada Modified Business Tax – General Business/Financial Institution

Add to existing company setup

Submit a request to your service team to add NVSUI  (unemployment) .  If your business would like for us to file the Modified Business Tax Return, include whether the General Business (NVGBT) or Financial Institutions form (NVFBT)is to be filed.  Additionally, please include the below with your request:

  • Unemployment – Account Number and Tax rate.  This can be found on a Tax Rate Notice or the Quarterly contribution report.  If you’re unsure of your tax rate or account number, you can call the agency at 775-684-6310.
  • Modified Business Tax – Which classification (General Business or Financial Institution) and Account number.  If you’re unsure of your account number, you can call the agency at 866-962-3707.

Register a new company

Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation

Employers can register online at  Select the Register ne business for UI tax under the I want to options.  Create and account and follow the prompts to register your business.  Once completed you will receive your account number and rate.


Nevada Modified Business Tax

When you register with the Nevada Employment Security Division (ESD) for Unemployment Compensation for your employees you are automatically registered with the Department of Taxation for Modified Business Tax. You will start receiving tax returns from the Department of Taxation. They will be sent to you at the same address you have registered with the Employment Security Division. If you would like your Modified Business Tax returns to be sent to a different address you must notify the Department of Taxation by phone or in writing.