New Hampshire

Last Updated August 25, 2017

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No Withholding Tax


New Hampshire Employment Security – Unemployment tax

Add to existing company setup

Submit a request to your service team to add NHSUI  (unemployment) to your company setup.  Please include the below with your request:

New Hampshire Employment Security

  • Unemployment – Account Number and Tax rate.  This can be found on a Tax Rate Notice or the Quarterly contribution report.  If you’re unsure of your tax rate or account number, you can call the agency at 603-224-3311.

Register a new company

New Hampshire Employment Security

Register online at  Select the Employer Status Report Online link. Follow the instruction to complete the registration process.  Once completed you will receive your account number and rate within 2 week.  You may also contact the agency at 603-224-3311 to obtain your account information.