Update/Add New Employee Pay Rate

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Update/Add New Employee Pay Rate

From your company dashboard, navigate to the employee list by clicking on the 4th blue box in the top right of the page.

You can also navigate to an employee from the ‘Employee’ option in the left sidebar. Once expanded, click the name of the appropriate employee.

PENG EE list

From the employee list, select the employee that needs updating by click on their name.

If you chose the employee from the left sidebar, skip this step.

PENG EE list 2

You are taken to the employee’s snapshot.

To locate their deductions, hover over the “Payroll Setup” tab in the top middle of the page so that a drop down appears.

PENG EE pay rate

From the drop down select the second option for Pay Rates.

To add a new pay rate, click on the “Add New Pay Rate” button in the top left corner of the table.

To update a current rate, click the “View/Edit” button next to the rate that needs updated.

Note: if an employee is receiving a raise, it is best practice to end date their current rate and add a new entry for the new rate.

When you click the “Add New Pay Rate” button, a pop up appears.

PENG add pay rate

A. Select whether the new rate is a base rate or another rate from the Rate Code drop down.

B. In the Start Date field, enter the date the new rate is effective.

C. If the rate is to remain active, leave the End Date as 12/31/2100.

D.  In the Rate field enter the amount of the employee’s new rate.

E. In the Rate Per drop down select whether the rate is per hour, day, piece, year, etc.

F. If the rate you are adding is for a specific job code, select that code from the Job Code drop down.

G. If the rate related to a certain shift, select the appropriate option from the Shift drop down.

H. If the rate is only applicable when the employee is in a certain department or location, choose the correct value from those drop down fields.

I. After entering all information and reviewing for accuracy, click Save and Close.

The new rate is now visible in the employee’s rate table.

To edit an existing rate:

A. Click on the “View/Edit” button on the far right of the line item.

B. A pop up appears with the rates current information.

C. Edit the appropriate fields and click Save and Close.