Payroll Processing in NextGen

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Payroll Processing in NextGen

On the Company Dashboard select “Start Payroll”

Confirm that the batch is correct, select “Start Payroll”

If you import your time, complete steps A-E, if not, skip to step 4

A. Select the “Time Import” icon.

B. Select “Choose File” on the specific Time Clock File row.

C. Once you have selected and opened the file to import, select “Import File”

D. Select “Back to Batches” and make adjustments to your payroll.

Enter wages manually by selecting “Enter Payroll Wages”

To update employee’s payroll wages, select “Edit” on the left side of the Employee’s Name

A. From the Edit Check Details screen – Add earnings and deductions by selecting “Add an Item” below the pay grid.

B. When the data populates in the grid, add hours, amount, or rate directly onto the pay grid. **Use the gear icon on the right to add additional columns to the pay grid.

C. Select the Calculator icon in the bottom right hand corner to show the employee’s check calculation.

D. When complete, select “Save and Close”

To add a new check for an employee, select “Add” and choose “Check”

To begin processing your payroll, select “Run Preprocess Register” and “Run Report” based on your customized preferences.

If the payroll is complete and the information in the report is accurate, select “Totals Verified – Close Batch”

** Complete this step for all open batches before moving on to the next step. 

Once the payroll has been closed, select “Submit Payroll” from the top right-hand corner of the Payroll Batches, from the pop up “Submit Payroll”