Release Online Tax Forms

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Once your service bureau has notified you that tax forms have been produced, follow these steps to release those forms to employee’s who have enrolled in online tax forms.

From the home page of Payentry – Click the additional options link

Click the link for Tax Forms Section

Click the link for Online Tax Form Review

After the tax forms have been reviewed – Click on the ‘Release All’ button to release all employee’s tax forms. To release employee’s forms individually, use the links under the Release Tax Forms column.

Confirm the action you selected.

  •  The system displays a pop-up window to show it is processing your request. The page automatically refreshes. When the job has completed, the text in the pop-up window indicates it is finished. The system reloads the Online Tax Form Review page, showing the updated status in the Release Tax Form column. Whether the system sends out notifications of this action depends on your setting of the Release Notification field. If you do automatically generate notifications, the system notifies the employees whether you release to an individual or all employees, or unreleased to an individual or all employees.