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The Forgotten Fundamentals; Essential Workplace Trainings: Harassment Training, Annual Reviews, and more! Join us as we take it back to the fundamentals and discuss essential workplace trainings. We will cover a list of essential trainings (Harassment, Annual Reviews, Performance, and more), outline why they are crucial in the workplace, and the key aspects to include within each training. 3/30/20232:00pm EDT1 hour
FLSA 101: Understanding Exempt vs. Non-exempt classifications You've requested it and we are here to deliver! Join us for a deep dive into exempt and non-exempt classifications. In this webinar we will discuss the key aspects of each classification, the potential consequences of classifying your employees incorrectly, and key questions to ask yourself to help determine if your employees are classified correctly.4/13/20232:00pm EDT1 hour
Independent Contractors 101: Understanding your classification The importance of correct classifications extend beyond your employees. Are your independent contractors classified correctly? Join us as we discuss the federal guidelines for correctly classifying your independent contractors. During this webinar we'll touch on some state specific information, discuss the consequences of incorrect classifications, and dig into the main differences between an employee and independent contractor. 4/27/20232:00pm EDT1 hour