MPAY Acquires CU People

MPAY, Inc., DBA Payentry, announced the acquisition of CU People, Inc. of Sugar Land, Texas, effective September 1st, 2020.

CU People is a Texas-based human resources and payroll service provider that specializes in providing human resources, payroll, and employee management solutions to financial institutions across the United States.

Geoffrey Duke, President and CEO of MPAY, stated, “We are incredibly pleased to welcome the CU People team to our Payentry brand. Over the years, CU People has been a top performer in providing HR services to financial institutions. Their comprehensive service model and approach sets them apart from the competition. This is a great fit for our organization, and we are looking forward to continuing the great service and product offerings to support financial institutions.”

CU People’s Executive Vice President, Eileen Westbrook will join the Payentry team as the President of CU People at Payentry. She stated, “My team and I look forward to continuing to provide concierge HR and payroll services to our clients. With the added operational and compliance support of Payentry, we are confident that our clients will see the benefits of partnering with the new CU People at Payentry.”

About MPAY

MPAY is a technology company that specializes in providing payroll, retirement, and human capital management services for small and medium-sized employers. The Payentry low fee retirement plan model makes helping employees save for retirement even easier for businesses. Through the Payentry brand, MPAY provides employer solutions that increase cash flow and efficiency, reduce risk, and give a competitive edge in managing and retaining high-quality employees.

About CU People

CU People was founded by Patti Tuma twenty years ago because she saw a need for HR experts to help financial institutions refocus their efforts on improving their bottom line, rather than being bogged down handling day-to-day functions of human resources. The “service first” approach has positioned CU People as a leader in HR Resource firms for financial institutions.