My Payentry®
A Mobile Application for Your Business

Now Available – A mobile app for My Payentry!

The My Payentry mobile experience is changing in a big way! We’ve completely re-designed our mobile app for both iPhone® and Android experiences. And, we are optimized with Spanish language support!

What Is Possible With The New App?

Transforming Tablets into Time Clocks – Clocking-in has never been easier for employees

Our mobile time punching technology provides an easy and affordable solution for any size workforce. Use a tablet, instead of pricey time clock, to keep track of employee time in a single location.

– Trusted security features through Touch ID and Facial Recognition which speed up the first steps in an employee’s day
Cloud based software available on a physical device in your location
– Clocking in and out for breaks is a simple step for employees
– Overtime is automatically calculated
– Employees will have the ability to add and submit a time punch with the app. When necessary, they can also:
– Select a job code and transfer to different departments

– Enter any comments within the punch





Easy Setup and Maintenance for HR Managers

Setting up your new app experience is simple! With an easy one-time setup, the app is open and available for employees to use any time. 

– Multiple devices can be enabled to support the app for employees to use to clock-in and out
– Administer employee photos
– View employees’ department, job, policy and processing group information
– Access recent time punch information
– Punch rounding is easy to configure and maintain based on your company’s unique needs
– Connects employee time card data with payroll easily



What’s To Come!

A complete employee experience via mobile. 

– Clock in and out using a personal mobile device with enabled geo-location features to capture the details of the transaction!
– View pay history and pay stubs quickly and easily
– Download important tax forms
– View personal information like direct deposits, deductions, 401(k) contributions
– Request time off
– Review and confirm time sheet submissions






Managers will be able to view and edit their employees’ data from any tablet or mobile device.

– Managers can manage their employee data from any tablet or mobile device
– Timesheets are simple for managers to quickly approve before payroll
– Approving and viewing time off is done quickly in our easy to navigate app. Managers have access to see who is already scheduled for time off, so they can make informed decisions on approving requests
– Our geo-location features add an additional layer of assurance by confirming that employees are where they should be when starting their paid workday

Keep an eye out for future updates that will provide users with even more features and functionality – helping you get the most out of your workday! Contact to learn more about our newest features!