Payentry Online Benefit Enrollment

Payentry Online Benefit Enrollment Watch to learn about our online benefit enrollment and administration available with Payentry. Stephanie DePaco will be sharing a demonstration of the enrollment and administration software along with integration details. Please join this webinar if you’d like to learn more!  

Paying Employees

What you need to know about paying your employees Do you know all the rules around paying your employees? Do you know the rules around paying terminated employees? What if you don’t have the funds to pay your employees because your biggest account failed to pay you this month or you just were not prepared…

Time Management Enhancements

Time Management Enhancements Please join Product Owner, Matt Anctil, as he shares functionality updates to Time Management. Please join this webinar to learn more about our kiosk clock for in-person clocking in and out, notes functionality, job code restrictions, and adding amounts to time punches.  

Risk Management

Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Risk management is not sexy but it’s important! Learn how to put the right pieces in place to avoid liability for workers comp claims.

HR Regulations

What you don’t know, can hurt you! Dealing with HR laws can be challenging. If you don’t know the rules in the first place, you could be non-compliant and not even know it. Attend this webinar and test your knowledge of HR rules. This non-traditional webinar will challenge you with questions and scenarios and let…

Handbook Best Practices

Handbook Best Practices An Employee Handbook can either be an asset or a tremendous liability. Is your handbook current and are you addressing the policies that need to be included? If you have employees in more than one state, how should you address the laws in different states? Learn what should be in a handbook…

Avoid Payroll Fraud

Avoiding Payroll Fraud in 2022 Payroll fraud strikes businesses of all sizes across the U.S. daily. It’s a challenging issue and one that requires knowledge and diligence to avoid. Learn how to identify warning signs and prevent losses that can be costly.  

Top 5 HR Trends to Watch in 2022

Top 5 HR Trends to Watch in 2022 Changes to the core of today’s work environment are happening faster than a speeding bullet! Getting ahead of and keeping pace with these changes in 2022 will challenge businesses more than ever before. Join us to learn five of the top issues that will demand your time…